Islam & Science

For those who just can't understand the place for religion in the 21st Century amidst the marvels of science, articles in this section are going to get your mind ticking, come in with an open mind, leave with a clear view, Islam is compatible with science, without any changes to its foundations laid out over 1400 years ago.

What Shape is the Earth?

Today we can look at a globe and know that the earth is somewhat like a ball, a sphere. The Qur'an makes certain statements that led Muslim scientists to understand long before their European counterparts that the earth is spherical.

When Europe was in the dark ages thinking that the earth was flat, Muslim students were using globes for studying the earth in Islamic universities.

Since it was not the purpose of the Qur'an to teach science, the Qur'an did not need to more

Muslims' Contribution to Science

Lots of Christians left christianity & the reason was clearly : It contradicts science ! What about Muslims ? Here you can read a breif information about Muslims & Science in the past ..

Astronomy :
Muslims have always had a special interest in astronomy. The moon and the sun are of vital importance in the daily life of every Muslim. By the moon, Muslims determine the beginning and the end of the months in their lunar calendar. By the sun the Muslims calculate the times more

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