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You Will Get Addicted to Istighfar After Reading This...

Istighfar is seeking the forgiveness of Allah, for example saying 'Astaghfirullah wa atooboo ilayh'.

A man once came to al-Hasan al-Basri and complained to him that "the sky does not shower us with rain" - He replied to the man "Seek Allah's forgiveness".

Then another person to him and said: "I complain of poverty", Hasan al-Basri replied "Seek Allah's forgiveness".

Then another person came to him and complained, " more

London Halal Food Festival 2016

My family and I attended the Halal Food Festival 2016 down in East London this weekend.

This is an event celebrating the growing halal food economy in the UK. Halal is big business here in UK, especially in London. It is an exhibition where companies showcase and promote halal eating.

It was not just food companies that were taking advantage of the large crowd these kinds of events attract. There were charities selling cakes too! We had fun posing for images with more

Enter The Last 10 Days

Subhanallah how the time has flown, before we could even start it is now the last 10 days of Ramadhan.

I hope all have made the most out of Ramdhan thus far, if not, do not worry, because actions are judged by the last. Grab ahold of the remainder of this blessed month, the last 10 days of Ramadhan are nearly upon us. During this time the Prophet (pbuh) would increase in his 'ibadah. He would worship Allah so much more, than any other time in the year.

Ibn al-Jawzi explained more

The Nation that Fights On

In the face of adversity, tyranny, and subjugation, the Ummah pushes on through the difficulties.

This is the Ummah of Muhammad (upon whom be peace).

This is the nation of endurance that is holding onto hot coal, as if it be a piece of clay.

This is the nation that is igniting the fire of truth within a sea of deciet.

This is the nation that has not given up, this is the nation that just doesn't stay down, this is the nation that cannot be kept under, this is the more

A Million Zeroes

If I write a million zeroes on a white board, does it mean anything to anyone?

No. Because a million zeroes is the same as one zero.

If I add the number one in front of those zeroes it suddenly means something. Something really big!

Those million zeroes are your optional acts of worship (nawafil)! The number 1 in front of the zeroes is your obligatory (fardh) acts of worship. It is what makes all those nafl good deeds count! more

Why Perfume When You Can Clean?

Al-Imâm ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (rahimahullah), was once asked:
“Is it better for me to make tasbîh (glorification of Allah) or to make istighfâr (seek forgiveness)?”
He replied, “The dirty robe is more in need of soap than perfume.” more

Points on the Sunnah of Sleeping

Here are some brief points on authentic sunnah actions before and after sleeping, known as Sunan an-Nawm (sleep)

1. Sleeping on Wudoo'

The Prophet (pbuh) said to al-Baraa` bin 'Aazib (r.a):
If you go to your bed, then do your wudoo` (ablution) as you
would do it for prayer, then lie on your right

2. Reciting Surat al-Ikhlas, an-Nas, and an-Naas Before Sleeping

'Aishah (r.a.) narrated that the Messenger (pbuh) used to recite " more

What's Wrong With Mini-Skirts? Muhammad Ali Answers

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali answers practically about what is wrong with skirts. Very nice short clip, watch more

Snow Fell Today

Peaked out the window early this morning to find that a quite street in North London had been covered in snow.

It didn't last long, thankfully, it all turned into sludge and soon melted and away it went into the gutters and drains.

I got dressed and off I went to university. Quite late for lecture. Did my work came back home, had a cup of tea. Prayed. Wrote more

Baby Survives Dramatic Fall Unharmed

A baby boy of 18-months in Paris survived a dramatic fall from a six-story building in what can only be described as a miracle.

A baby boy and his baby sister were playing in their apartment when somehow the baby boy managed to clamber over the balcony falling six stories only to bounce off the awning of a cafe below and be caught by a doctor who saw the baby fall and was positioned to catch him.

What mysterious ways Allah works in brothers and sisters, it was a bank holiday more

What Will You be Doing for Eid?

Salam alaykum brothers and sisters I hope you are all in the best of health and imaan and that you have had a delightful Ramadan this year.

I've been busy working on the site, attending prayers, and talks, sometimes, and generally helping around the home, preparing for iftar and such.

Ramadan is nearly over and I hope you have all had a good one inshAllah.

With Eid on the horizon, I would like to know what all the brothers and sisters are planning to do inshAllah.

So more

Ten Stunning Places On Earth That Make You Think of Allah

There are many places on Earth which are both stunning and beautiful, here are ten I selected after much research, hope you like the list. They are in no particular order of importance, in case you were wondering.

1. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls situated between Zimbabwe and Zambia is an immense sight. The many waterfalls form some of the worlds largest and most beautiful waterfalls on Earth.

Victoria Falls is 360ft (108m) in height, and has a width of 5604ft (1708m) more

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