Muhammad al-Luhaidan Reciting Surah Baqarah Full Mp3 Audio


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Salam alaykum brothers and sisters! Especially to those who like to listen to Muhammad Ibraheem al-Luhaidan. Because I have the recitation of Surah Baqarah by Luhaidan in high quality Mp3, for the second time ever! The first time Dhikrullah had it but they don't seem to have it anymore (dead link).

I did search for Baqarah by him about a year back but gave up after I could not find any, only partial recitations. But this here is the full surah (as far as I could tell).

This recitation was only made possible by the grace of Allah, when brother Omer Faredi sent it to me, it's a rare recitation.

So please remember Brother Omer Faredi in your du'a insh'Allah, as well the rest of the Muslim Ummah, insh'Allah.

The Mp3 link has been added to the Quran Mp3 Page of Muhammad al-Luhaidan. The link is also below:

Muhammad al-Luhaidan Surah Baqarah Mp3

Jazakallahu khayran for reading!