Elf Hat

I keep getting asked to wear an elf hat at work because its that time of year again, Christmas. Whilst it may seem that of a cheerful gesture to others, and nothing special, just wearing a hat and 'having fun' at work during Christmas, it has a deeper meaning than that to me, as a Muslim.

Because I do not just throw around the phrase 'Merry Christmas', I realise the implications of doing such a thing. It is me accepting the belief, false I might add, that 'Isa (alayhis...read more

Happy Christmas!

Wait! I know, I know, Christmas is not celebrated by Muslims, or is it?

Dun dun dunnnnn! *dramatic drum roll*

No it isn't. As Muslims we should refrain from active participation in the celebration of the false holiday we all call Christmas. That's right, this may or may not come as a shock to you, Muslim or not, but Jesus (pbuh) was not born on the 25th of December! And if he, Jesus (pbuh), was not born on that day then how can you be celebrating his birthday, which is what...read more

A Powerful Reminder

Here is some advice from the Prophet (pbuh).

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Knowledge comes by learning, and patience comes by trying to be patient. Whoever seeks goodness will be given it, and whoever fears evil will be protected from it.” Narrated by al-Daaraqutni in al-Afraad; this is a hasan hadeeth, as was stated by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 2328.

I hope Allah allows me to live by this advice, and I hope the same for you...read more

Islam View Towards Economy and Society

Islam is under the attack by various sections of media and politics across the globe. Whatever untoward happens in any part of the world; Islam immediately is lambasted, attacked and blamed for that. It is done mostly by the people who are biased and have parochial mindset towards this religion.

Islam, essentially, is castigated for not being presented in a prudent way by its advocates. It is quite unfortunate that various Muslim scholars who have taken the responsibility to defend Islam have...read more

Dearest Brothers and Sisters

My dearest brothers and sisters who use this site.

Thank you for your continued use and support of this site. It gives me great pleasure in knowing that there are brothers and sisters, Muslims and non-Muslims who benefit from this site.

I am well aware that the site is in need of updates and newer content, please make a special du'a for me to complete this and earn reward in doing so....read more

What is Sincerity?

Sincerity is the freeing of one's intentions from all impurities in order to come nearer to Allah. It is to ensure that the intentions behind all acts of worship and obedience to Allah are exclusively for His pleasure. It is the perpetual contemplation of the Creator, to the extent that one forgets the creation.

Sincerity is a condition for Allah's acceptance of good deeds performed in accordance with the sunnah of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Allah has...read more

The Nation that Fights On

In the face of adversity, tyranny, and subjugation, the Ummah pushes on through the difficulties.

This is the Ummah of Muhammad (upon whom be peace).

This is the nation of endurance that is holding onto hot coal, as if it be a piece of clay.

This is the nation that is igniting the fire of truth within a sea of deciet.

This is the nation that has not given up, this is the nation that just doesn't stay down, this is the nation that cannot be kept under, this is the nation...read more

A Million Zeroes

If I write a million zeroes on a white board, does it mean anything to anyone?

No. Because a million zeroes is the same as one zero.

If I add the number one in front of those zeroes it suddenly means something. Something really big!

Those million zeroes are your optional acts of worship (nawafil)! The number 1 in front of the zeroes is your obligatory (fardh) acts of worship. It is what makes all those nafl good deeds count!...read more

Ramadhan 2012 (1433AH) Is Here!

Salam alaykum brothers and sisters across the globe. Brothers and sisters in the UK have joyfully started their Ramdhan with their first night of Taraweeh yesterday night (Thursday 19th July).

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all brothers and sisters across the globe in this honourable Ummah of Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wassalam) an eventful Ramadhan full of good blessings and mercy from Allah.

May Allah forgive our sins and grant us the highest of paradise, ameen....read more

The Forgotten Ummah: The Rohingya Muslims

The Forgotten Ummah: The Rohingya Muslims

By Amad Uddin

All praise is to Allah (swt) who has blessed this noble Ummah to remember the oppressed and the weak from amongst us from around the Muslim World. But if I was to survey Muslims and ask them which countries had Muslims who are oppressed than the responses I will get will be like Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Chechnya etc. Then if I asked them about the oppression of the Rohingya Muslims, I would get responses...read more

Life without the Head of Our Family...

Life without the Head of Our Family…….

Every family at some point in their lives will have a person who leads it indeed my father, Haji Zomir Uddin (May Allah [swt] forgive him) was that figurehead until he passed away in 2007, he was the head of my family in more ways than one. He looked after the interests of my family, he was very decisive and once he made a decision that was the end of the matter as we were all loyal and trusted his judgement. Often...read more

Bangladesh: Sold to the Lowest Bidder

Bangladesh: Sold to the Lowest Bidder

By Amad Uddin

Muslims of Bangladeshi origin living in the UK have become a settled community and the degree of their attachment to their ethnic motherland varies. Surveying the attitude of first generation Bengali immigrants would reveal that they regard Bangladesh as their real home even though they have been living here in the UK for many years. The people of this generation yearn for their homeland...read more

How Islam Dealt With Racism

By Abdul Wahid

Racism has featured heavily in the UK over the past few weeks.

The conviction of two men for the cold-blooded racist murder of Stephen Lawrence 18 years ago has been the most emotive issue - but by no means the only one.

The media attacked Dianne Abbotts clumsy remarks when she generalized that white people [meaning 19th century colonialists] used to divide and rule black people in the past - a generalisation that some might defend when one considers that more than...read more

How to Get Close to Allah - 3 Easy Steps

Here are 3 easy ways to get closer to Allah.

#1. Correct your intention, you are doing this to seek Allah's pleasure and to be close to Him.

#2. Find a good deed that is easy and you will implement everyday, being consistant. A good example is smiling at any one for the sake of Allah. For Prophet (ﷺ) explained 'smiling is a charity'.

#3 Find a good deed that you find very hard to implement, and strive to implement it for the sake of getting close to Allah.

Do...read more

Happy Birthday... Or is it?

"Happy Birthday"...

Just kidding brothers and sisters. We all know the celebration of birthdays is not allowed in Islam. This is what my Naseeha is about today.

It was my birthday yesterday (17 Jan) and I did get many well "wishes" from friends and family, unfortunately. I wish they could understand the reality of this celebration sometimes.

As Muslims birthdays, if anything, should be a reminder for us that we survived one more year thanks to Allah, and...read more

Anwar al-Awlaki Martyred

Brothers and sisters it is a sad day today for reports have emerged that our beloved Imam Anwar al-Awlaki has been made shaheed.

Various reports have emerged from Yemeni news sources claiming this, the BBC website has also stated that "unnamed US officials confirmed the reports".

Should these reports of his killing be true then I am both happy and sad.

Happy because an Imam I loved so dearly, an Imam that touched the hearts of many, an Imam who lived the life of...read more

Blind Imam Murdered at Finsbury Park Mosque

Imam Maimoun Zarzour (rahimahullah, may Allah have mercy on him) was murdered on 2nd September 2011, after Fajr.

He was the Imam of the Muslim Welfare House, a popular and long standing Mosque in Finsbury Park, North London, UK.

It is stated on the MWH website that the Imam was friendly and had never had an argument with anyone during his time as Imam.

It is believed he was killed via strangulation in his office. The Guardian has reported that Islington police forces are...read more

Miles for Smiles - Aid for Gaza - You Can Help!


Brothers and sisters! I am need of your help, well more specifically the children of Gaza are.

Interpal and Human Aid have joined hands to create project called Miles for Smiles, a project set up to provide the children of Gaza, many of whom are orphans, with some much needed aid. Baby Gazan boy crying amidst rubble

For this project they are trying to raise £10,000. This money will help to buy essential items for the children, as well as toys, bicycles, and even sports stuff. It will also cover some small administrative costs!

There will even be some sports competitions set up and lots of fun for kids who have been bombed, shot at, and even driven out of their homes.

Children of GazaI have a personal goal to raise £2000 before the 20th of July! And that is why I am turning to the users of Islam Factory for some help!

So brothers and sisters please spend your wealth in the way of Allah and give charity.

Please donate generously, no matter how small, it all adds up!

You can use paypal to donate (look below), inshAllah. All money goes to charity, none to me.

Jazakallahu khayran.

Why Perfume When You Can Clean?

Al-Imâm ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (rahimahullah), was once asked:
“Is it better for me to make tasbîh (glorification of Allah) or to make istighfâr (seek forgiveness)?”
He replied, “The dirty robe is more in need of soap than perfume.”

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