London Halal Food Festival 2016

Big Apple Hot Dogs stall at Halal Food Festival

My family and I attended the Halal Food Festival 2016 down in East London this weekend.

This is an event celebrating the growing halal food economy in the UK. Halal is big business here in UK, especially in London. It is an exhibition where companies showcase and promote halal eating.

It was not just food companies that were taking advantage of the large crowd these kinds of events attract. There were charities selling cakes too! We had fun posing for images with Islamic-Relief who were selling cakes for charity.

The Islamic Relief stall at the Halal Food Festival

The whole event was enjoyable, a wide variety of food to taste from, plenty of charities to donate to. Briskets to cupcakes were on sale. Meat & Shakes brisket burgers were succulent, tasty, and just ever so tender! For me it was easily the best thing I had at the event.

Brisket Burgers, and Sausages at the Halal Food Festival with Meat and Shake

Brisket in hot dog and burger buns. Tasty!

Chicken Wings at the Halal Food Festival by HS and Co.

In conclusion the Halal Food Festival was a good event promoting Halal Food in the UK. The even was attended by both Muslims and non-Muslims, which was absolutely fabulous. It did a good job of promoting fantastic halal food to foodies of all race and religions in London. I give it a big thumbs up.