Happy Birthday... Or is it?

"Happy Birthday"...

Just kidding brothers and sisters. We all know the celebration of birthdays is not allowed in Islam. This is what my Naseeha is about today.

It was my birthday yesterday (17 Jan) and I did get many well "wishes" from friends and family, unfortunately. I wish they could understand the reality of this celebration sometimes.

As Muslims birthdays, if anything, should be a reminder for us that we survived one more year thanks to Allah, and that he has allowed us to be Muslims.

It should also remind us that we are closer to our inevitable death, whether that be the day later or in another 50 years time - we have no idea. So what have we prepared for it?

Can you honestly say that you are ready to die and meet Allah tomorrow? I really wish I could, however, unfortunately I cannot. Why? Because of my bad deeds. I fear it may overweigh my good deeds.

It should be a reminder for us to wake up and to strive in that which benefits us in the dunya and in the akhirah. We should increase in du'a to Allah, we should account ourselves before we are accounted - as 'Umar so eloquently put it, may Allah be pleased with him.

As for the shabaab (youth) remember that he who grows up in the worship of Allah in his youth is one of the seven categories of people who get the shade on the Day of Judgement.

Every year that goes by is every bit of your youth gone, and the time to worship Allah as a youth gets less and less.